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Training Program Development

Operator training programs designed to deliver the results you need

The best power plant operator training programs are nimble – built to change as your workforce changes. So how do you keep your training methods and technology fresh to appeal to a new generation of workers?

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Partner with GSE Systems to get the custom power plant operator training program you need. We can develop your entire program or upgrade your current program to ensure training is related to your specific job tasks. What’s more, you can leverage your full-scope simulator to become a valuable educational tool. We’ll work with you to develop scenarios that take advantage of the immersive experience of the simulator. You can even make it available in a classroom setting using our VPanel™ touchscreen display trainers. The result is an engaging and compelling learning experience that makes it easier for trainees to meet objectives and gain effective competency levels faster.

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Meet Luis.

Luis is a sharp young man with big dreams. He wants to start his career at the local refinery and work his way up to control room operator. But he has one problem – experience. He studied hard and did well in school. He even attended a local technical college. How does he translate the book knowledge into practical skills for the refinery? How can Luis get the training to be a contributing employee as quickly as possible?

Nuclear Power Training Program Development

Retirements, competition for resources and a new generation of workers are putting pressure on your training programs. GSE Systems will help you introduce new learning and training technologies that are engaging and effective while maintaining accreditation. We combine a proven, systematic approach and ADDIE processes with years of classroom instruction experience. So you can optimize your training programs with modern simulation, visualization and serious gaming technologies.

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Thermal Power Training Program Development

Training budgets are thin. Staff instruction often is only a part-time role. How do you get optimal performance from your staff with so little face-to-face time? How will you integrate technology and apply it to both the seasoned operators and newbies coming on board? GSE builds customized power plant operator training programs around your unique situation.

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Petroleum Plant

Petroleum Training Program Development

“Boomers” are retiring at unprecedented rates and it’s not going to be easy to fill those boots. The next generation of workers has different technical backgrounds, different career expectations and very different training needs. GSE’s Entry2Expert® workforce development process provides a structured approach to educating your entry-level employees and turning them into expert contributors as quickly as possible.

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