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Training Support & Turnkey Training Programs

Get the specialists you need right when you need them

As you lose experienced personnel to retirement or competition, you face a triple threat. You must immediately find people to fill the jobs that have been vacated, train new candidates quickly and maintain the quality of your training.

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GSE’s global network of top talent can help you solve all three problems. You get peace of mind knowing that logistics and administrative challenges are being handled by a responsible partner with the experience to get it done right. So you can focus your attention on navigating your organization through the transition. And as your training needs ebb and flow, our staff gives you the flexibility you need. Perhaps you’re looking to ease the load on your instructors and outsource your fundamentals training. Maybe you need to offer a specialized course but don’t want to overburden your current staff. Whatever your situation, we can deliver professional instructors who know the subject, can teach it well, enjoy teaching it and, perhaps most importantly, can adapt to your organization’s culture.

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Meet John.

John’s been a plant operator and shift supervisor for 35 years. He’s operated multiple process units, maintained plant equipment and ensured the safe, continuous production of on-spec products. That includes seven turnarounds and scores of unplanned shutdowns and incidents. John mentored dozens of plant operators and turned them into experts. Now John is gone. He retired to the beach just as he always dreamed. Who is going to fill John’s boots?

Meet Luis.

Luis is a sharp young man with big dreams. He wants to start his career at the local refinery and work his way up to control room operator. But he has one problem – experience. He studied hard and did well in school. He even attended a local technical college. How does he translate the book knowledge into practical skills for the refinery? How can Luis get the training to be a contributing employee as quickly as possible?

Nuclear Power Training Support & Turnkey Training Programs

Needs change over time and sometimes you require specialized nuclear power plant training courses. You need instructors who can step in and use your training material. Finding professional instructors who know the subject, can teach it and can adapt to your culture is critical. GSE can provide both qualified instructors and turnkey courses that work within your system and complement the methods you already have in place.

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Thermal Power Training Support & Turnkey Training Programs

Mastering the fundamentals is a key building block in the plant operator training program. Understanding the "Why" not just the "How" is critical at 2:00 am. But teaching fundamentals can create challenges for your training department. This teaching occurs infrequently. It requires a wide-ranging knowledge of several complex subjects. And so, training departments are often hard-pressed to balance their everyday challenges with the need to maintain an experienced staff with the recent practice and long-term experience to provide top notch fundamentals training.

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