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Virtual Commissioning

Resolve design issues early to save time and money

An integrated, High-Fidelity simulation platform can let you “see” your plant in operation long before you start production. That means you go online faster to generate revenue sooner.

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As your plant design changes or engineering challenges evolve, you need a holistic view of integrated plant operation so that you can evaluate control strategies, procedure effectiveness, data integrity and control system implementation. Individual system tests and connectivity tests are important but do not give you insights into real plant behavior. Uncovering issues early in the design process can prevent the costly delays of making changes later during commissioning.   GSE has helped many power stations and petroleum facilities commission their plants faster and start generating revenue sooner. Our robust, proven simulation technologies and experienced engineering services make it happen.

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Meet Carl.

As an operations manager, Carl is tasked with seamless operations while improving performance. He’s trying to maintain production, upgrade new technology and deal with special projects. These projects require special design and engineering skills, but he has neither the budget nor the desire to bring on full-time experts. He also needs professional project management today and continuity when he has new projects down the road. Is there a way to get workers who can support him today and be there in the future? Where can Carl find such “flexible expertise”?

Meet Max.

Max is decommissioning manager at a nuclear power plant scheduled for shut down. He is facing a long list of challenges. Staff morale and focus. Commitments to the grid. New operating philosophies, procedures and regulations. As Max answers some tough questions, he must find the safest, most efficient way to balance a variety of competing needs. But where can Max find support?

Virtual Commissioning for Nuclear Power Plants

Designers of first-of-a-kind plants need a reliable dynamic simulation platform to test out a wide variety of design assumptions and concepts from control strategies to human factors. Because new plants mean new technology and often the integration of disparate technologies for the first time, the virtual commissioning simulator allows designers to see the interaction between systems for the very first time. GSE’s combination of simulation technology and expert engineering was chosen to build first-of-a-kind simulators for the AP1000, PBMR, NuScale, and mPower plants.

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Virtual Commissioning for Thermal Power

Automation systems are constantly being improved and you want to take advantage of the benefits. However, every day of downtime during a change-over means lost revenue. Today the best practice is to ensure the control system is both designed and coded properly by rigorous testing on a dynamic, high-fidelity simulator. I/O testers and simplified models don’t give you insight into real plant operations and test the DCS during complex startup and maneuvering procedures. A simulator that saves just a few days of startup pays for itself and continues to pay you back as a robust training platform.

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Virtual Commissioning for Petroleum

Test your digital control system (DCS) to identify issues with control strategies as well as bugs in DCS implementation when they are less costly to fix. GSE employs high-fidelity modeling to truly test the integrated plant response including primary and secondary effects to thoroughly check the control system design and implementations.

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